Glycologic Limited has developed a starch derivative which is digested slowly in the gastrointestinal tract and releases glucose over an extended time period. This prevents the body developing hypoglycaemia. The technology reduces glucose spikes associated with glucose/dextrin/starch consumption and extends the duration of digestion over many hours. It also reduces insulin in the blood during exercise and promotes fat metabolism. Extensive clinical trials have been conducted and concluded for metabolic disorders, liver disease, sports nutrition and diabetes.

Apart from enhancing performance, the technology prevents health issues associated with low/high blood glucose.


Resource 1 - Compositions and Uses Thereof

Resource 2 - A novel starch for the treatment of glycogen storage diseases

Resource 3 -Use of slow release starch (SRS) to treat hypoglycaemia in Type 1 diabetics


What's new?

Technologies are under development to treat galactosaemia - the inability to process galactose in the body. This technology complements the glycogen storage disease (GSD) technology the Company has developed and commercialised successfully.

Trials are under development.