The Company is developing a range of nutritional products to provide nutritional support for carbohydrate and non-carbohydrate digestion and metabolism issues. Some of these are liver focussed (e.g. glycogen storage disease, low protein diets), some of these have a broader physiological focus (e.g. phenylketonuria, PKU and ketogenic needs) whilst others relate to gut specific responses (e.g. coeliac disease). Within some categories such as the ketogenic products there are multiple applications - e.g. elderly nutrition, weight loss, sport nutrition and seizure control.

What's new?

Portfolio of clinical nutrition products under development.

Human clinical trials continue for the medical nutrition/nutrition portfolio the Company is developing.

Trials on blood glucose control with new clinical nutrition/nutrition products are successful for healthy people and people with glycogen storage diseases and type I/type II diabetes.

Other clinical nutrition products (e.g. low protein, ketogenic) also in trials.