Why Carbohydrates?

About Carbohydrates

Microorganisms use carbohydrates as structural components of their cell walls, exude carbohydrates and utilise different ones (selectively sometimes) as energy sources.  Plants produce carbohydrates from photosynthesis to provide support and energy. In animals, carbohydrates provide sweetness, dietary energy and fibre and less well known roles such as providing body structure (chitin), energy storage (glycogen), cell recognition (e.g. ABO blood system), immunological roles, blood clotting control and form part of some hormones. Carbohydrates can be manipulated chemically, enzymatically and physically to alter their functionality and thus biological applications. 

What We Do

Glycologic Limited develops carbohydrate based/focussed APIs, ANIs, matrices and diagnostics targeted at specific biological needs. These are built from concepts created within (and outside) the Company based on external demand. Once developed, the technologies are tested extensively in our laboratories, then in trials and are scaled up eventually to create commercial products. Sometimes the technologies are defined and protected in the patenting process and associated with post patent publications. At other times the know-how and intellectual property are kept secret unless disclosed under specific commercial agreements with collaborators. The Company develops income by licensing its capabilities and technologies to relevant partners.

How We Do It

Expertise, Innovation, Hard work, Market opportunities, Timing.

Nature (plants) provides us with the raw materials and we use our skills to utilise/modify them for our commercial needs. These processes create novel functionality and a vast range of healthcare opportunities. Key to all this activity is a deep understanding of the structure and properties of carbohydrates.