This carbohydrate based technology forms floating raft structures in the stomach and is used to control gastric reflux and heartburn. The formulation is an advance on alginate which used in many commercial gastric reflux type products. It has both physical and physiological advantages which cannot be achieved with alginate alone. These include: Improved mouth feel; Enhanced strength/durability; pH range functionality; Encapsulation/ release of flavours, nutrients and drugs.


Resource 1 - Gastric Raft Composition Comprising Preferably Processed Starches for Inducing Satiety

Resource 2 - Production and utilisation of gastric rafts from polysaccharides combinations to induce satiety: A preliminary study

Resource 3 - Synergistic roles of alginates and α-glucans in gastric raft formulations

Resource 4 - Beneficial health characteristics of native and hydrolysed konjac (Amorphophallus konjac) glucomannan


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Partnerships in place supporting commercialisation.