The Company is active with respect to encapsulating drugs and nutrients (in different formats) with carbohydrates to control their taste, release properties and site of release. This activity involves different strategies for different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)/nutrients. Both physically entrapped and chemically modified systems are of interest. The oral gel is a new development in this sphere, designed to taste mask and deliver small and large drug dosages in a gel format whilst masking taste and burn (almost completely). The dose stick is another product under development, designed to deliver large drug doses in a more solid (but soft) format. The encapsulation of viable microorganism cells is also of interest for the food and drink and therapeutic sectors.


Resource 1 - Effect of lecithin on viability and stability of probiotics

Resource 2 - Effect of lecithin and starch on alginate-encapsulated probiotic bacteria

Resource 3 - Orally administrable compositions comprising cation cross-linked polysaccharide and a polymer digestible in the lower gastrointestinal tract

Resource 4 - Starch granules as active guest molecules or microorganism delivery systems



What's new?

New taste-masked drug system under development.