The Company is developing a range of nutritional products to promote optimal health where the composition and digestion control are tailored for specific outcomes. Examples include: (i) satiety; (ii) energy balance and weight control/loss; (iii) products focussed on specific inborn errors of metabolism, nutrient deficiency, immune disease and other disease states; (iv) products designed to promote performance – e.g. sport;  (v) nutrition for vulnerable groups (e.g. infants, elderly and infirm); (vi) wound healing; (vii) products focussed towards hypo- and hyperglycaemia prevention and management and (viii) disease states associated with carbohydrate digestion/transport/metabolism/utilisation such as disorders focussed on  fructose, galactose, lactose, maltose and sucrose obtained from the diet.

What's new?

Portfolio of clinical nutrition products under development.

Human clinical trials continue for the medical nutrition/nutrition portfolio the Company is developing.

Trials on blood glucose control with new clinical nutrition/nutrition products are successful for healthy people and people with glycogen storage diseases and type I/type II diabetes.

Other clinical nutrition products (e.g. low protein, ketogenic) also in trials.